Welcome back Carly!

Mon May 15th 2023

We welcome Carly back to the clinic on the 15th May. She will be working Monday - Friday at the clinic for the next month while looking after the Football Ferns build up to the World Cup in July. It will be great to have her back in the clinic!


Carly Ellis graduated from Otago University with a Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy in in 2013. She has completed her Level 1 & 2 certificates in Functional Movement Screening and graduated with a Post-graduate Diploma in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy in 2018.Carly specialises in sports injuries and has a keen interest in football and movement analysis. She has been working with Northern Federation Women’s football since 2017. Carly is also the current physiotherapist for the Football Ferns.

  • "Low back pain affects many people and having qualified with my post-graduate diploma in manipulative therapy, I have a passion for treating low back pain. Using a number of techniques I can help restore movement, reduce pain and improve strength – returning you to work, sports and back to your goals. If you have low back pain book an appointment to see me today, I have over 23 years of treating low back pain"

    Roland Jeffery

  • "I work with The Football Ferns and love treating football injuries. Having travelled the world with Football Ferns I have developed a great understanding and knowledge of football and injuries. With our great facilities at RJ Physio and our expert team, we are in a great position to help any football injury."

    Anna Barlow

  • "Having experienced headache’s and neck pain myself I have become an expert at treating them. I have qualified with my post-graduate diploma in manipulative therapy, and love sorting out my client’s stiff and painful necks, helping them with their posture and returning them to work."

    Leighton Wills

  • "I enjoy treating knees, and here at RJ Physio we see many knee injuries and clients suffering from knee pain. Having a great knowledge of how the knee works and wonderful facilities at RJ Physio, including two gyms and a Pilates studio, anyone with a knee problem should see the team. Call me today to see if can help you with your knee pain."

    Hamish Donnison