Clinic Profile

Accessible, quality treatment

You get affordable, quality care and a team who are leaders in their field. Our hands on manual therapy, and one therapist per client philosophy, means you'll also recover faster.

Our commitment to providing quality services is reinforced by the continuing education and development of all our therapists. It means you get experts who keep up with the latest treatment techniques and research.

Roland Jeffery Physiotherapy opens from 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday as well as Saturday mornings, making accessing treatment and re-booking easy. We have 15 full time therapists, all on one site, with numerous additional services, such as massage, acupuncture, sonography and Pilates.

Accessible, quality treatment at Roland Jeffery Physiotherapy.

Qualified experience

Established in 2000 and specialising in sports medicine and manipulative physiotherapy, Roland Jeffery Physiotherapy Clinic achieved accreditation status in 2006.

The clinic has also added its own rehabilitation gym and more treatment rooms to enhance treatment and recovery processes. A Pilates studio has been built, for individual sessions and small group classes. Most recently a Functional Gym has opened for one on one personalised sessions, Functional Movement Screens (FMS) and Y-Balance testing. Our staff are all post graduate qualified or working towards there post graduate qualifications - this ensures you get the best treatment possible. Additionaly Roland Jeffery Physiotherapy has a well developed mentoring system, with in house training, mentoring and the sharing of knowledge and research. We believe we have fantastic facilities and highly qualified therapists - all at one location.

For a physio team who are leaders in their field talk to Roland Jeffery Physiotherapy today.

Football first

One of our main focuses is in treating and rehabilitating football injuries. The majority of our therapists work with teams at international, professional, representative or club level.  Working on the pitch with all these teams and sharing the most up-to-date research on football injuries, all our therapists are highly skilled in this area. They all have a passion for treating and rehabilitating football injuries. Maintaining these links with all levels of football, futsal with both men's and women's teams and delivering quality sports medicine, continues to be Roland Jeffery Physiotherapy vision.


Roland Jeffery Physiotherapy has strong links with ACC and is a fully accredited contracted clinic. We are able to treat ACC claims, including return to work programmes. We maintain high standards in documentation, health and safety, business practice and clinical skills and have regular external audits to ensure a quality service for our clients.  This helps us deliver an exceptional service for all our clients.

  • "Low back pain affects many people and having qualified with my post-graduate diploma in manipulative therapy, I have a passion for treating low back pain. Using a number of techniques I can help restore movement, reduce pain and improve strength – returning you to work, sports and back to your goals. If you have low back pain book an appointment to see me today, I have over 23 years of treating low back pain"

    Roland Jeffery

  • "Having experienced headache’s and neck pain myself I have become an expert at treating them. I have qualified with my post-graduate diploma in manipulative therapy, and love sorting out my client’s stiff and painful necks, helping them with their posture and returning them to work."

    Leighton Wills

  • "Having qualifications in Pilates, my goals with my clients are to restore their movement and strength. Our specialized equipment helps this in a fun and friendly way. RJ Physio has group classes and well as individual sessions, so we can tailor to your specific needs. Pilates can help return you to work, sports and reduce your pain and increase your performance. Call me today and I can discuss your Pilates options."

    Pip Greenwood

  • "I have had great results solving peoples pain with acupuncture. Having qualifications in acupuncture I use the needles gently to restore my clients movement and help with pain and muscle spasm. Most of my clients love acupuncture and are surprised how gentle and easy it is. Call me today and ask how I can help you with acupuncture."

    Emily Lo