Med4Elite Recovery System

Roland Jeffery Physio has world class medical equipment here in our clinic, so you can receive treatment like a professional athlete. Our Med4Elite and game ready machines are state-of the art, world class treatment modalities.

What is the Med4Elite?

The Med4Elite is a breakthrough, multi-modality recovery system. With touchscreen control, the system integrates iceless cold, controllable heat, rapid contrast, and active compression therapies like never before. Physiotherapists now have comprehensive and flexible treatment options for various injuries, post-surgery recovery, and different stages of rehabilitation, all to help clients get back to what matters as quickly as possible. This is recovery re-engineered.

Which machine do I use?

Your physiotherapist will guide you on which machine is best for you and your situation. Each machine has a different function to help add a client’s recovery, injury and rehabilitation depending on your condition. Check with your therapist if you are unsure.


For a multitude of conditions, the Med4Elite produces heat, cold, contrast (hot/ cold) and compression. The Med4Elite has a multitude of attachments for the ankle, calf, knee, hip, back and shoulder. The Med4Elite Unit can be used for acute injuries (swelling and bruising) and post-operative care (after
surgery), as well has a multitude of other injuries and conditions.

  • Ankle sprain
  • Achilles injuries
  • Foot injuries
  • Calf Injuries
  • Shin pain
  • Knee injuries – most knee injuries
  • Muscle strains – lower and upper limb
  • Shoulder pain
  • Low and mid back pain
  • Post-surgery
  • After activity and exercise

Game ready

For acute injuries (swelling and bruising) and post-operative care. The Game Ready is designed to reduce swelling, inflammation and pain. Ideally suited straight after an injury or after surgery to add in post-operative rehabilitation. It uses cold therapy (ice). The game ready has a multitude of attachments for
the ankle, calf, knee, hip, back and shoulder.


For recovery and fatigue. The Normatec uses compression. Used by players and athletes after exercise or physical activity. The Normatec has leg and hip attachments to optimise recovery, promote healing and reduce muscle fatigue.

What does the Med4Elite do?

ICE (COLD THERAPY) - can help minimize swelling around the injury, reduce bleeding into the tissues, and reduce muscle spasm and pain.

HEAT - Heat therapy works by improving circulation and blood flow to a particular area due to increased temperature. Increasing the temperature of the afflicted area can soothe discomfort and increase muscle flexibility.

HOT / COLD THERAPY (RAPID CONTRAST) – you can simultaneously reduce inflammation, stimulate circulation, and loosen tight muscles, thereby easing your pain.

COMPRESSION – Compressing the injury helps reduce and prevent swelling by pumping swelling away from the injury area.

After an injury or surgery, you as the client play a critical role in the recovery process. Med4Elite’s therapeutic technologies help you finish strong and get back to the things that matter as quickly as possible, by helping to reduce the use of medications, decrease pain and swelling, increase post-operative range of motion, and increase your satisfaction.

  • "Having experienced headache’s and neck pain myself I have become an expert at treating them. I have qualified with my post-graduate diploma in manipulative therapy, and love sorting out my client’s stiff and painful necks, helping them with their posture and returning them to work."

    Leighton Wills

  • "I have had great results solving peoples pain with acupuncture. Having qualifications in acupuncture I use the needles gently to restore my clients movement and help with pain and muscle spasm. Most of my clients love acupuncture and are surprised how gentle and easy it is. Call me today and ask how I can help you with acupuncture."

    Emily Lo

  • "Low back pain affects many people and having qualified with my post-graduate diploma in manipulative therapy, I have a passion for treating low back pain. Using a number of techniques I can help restore movement, reduce pain and improve strength – returning you to work, sports and back to your goals. If you have low back pain book an appointment to see me today, I have over 23 years of treating low back pain"

    Roland Jeffery

  • "If you have issues with your footwear, running or walking biomechanics, or any pain in your feet – call me for an appointment today. I am a podiatrist specialising in sports podiatry, I can customise orthotics for you, prescribe exercises and advise you on the best way of managing your pain."

    Dale Gooding