RJ Physio welcomes 6 new therapists!

Thu Feb. 1st 2024

RJ Physio welcomes 6 new therapists!

2024 will be a busy year at Roland Jeffery Physio, with the addition of six new physiotherapists. Anna Bannatyne, Cole Tinkler, Dylan Lonia-Hughes, Hayley Cameron, Isabella Bardua and Sam Reidy all started work at the clinic last week.

All six have recently qualified from AUT and Otago and look forward to seeing you in the clinic. Check out their personal profiles on our website.


They will make up a team of 22 full time physiotherapists at Roland Jeffery Physiotherapy, along with podiatry, acupuncture and ultrasound services. Book an appointment now at Roland Jeffery Physiotherapy for a thorough assessment and treatment programme so that you can achieve all your health goals with confidence.


  • "Having experienced headache’s and neck pain myself I have become an expert at treating them. I have qualified with my post-graduate diploma in manipulative therapy, and love sorting out my client’s stiff and painful necks, helping them with their posture and returning them to work."

    Leighton Wills

  • "Low back pain affects many people and having qualified with my post-graduate diploma in manipulative therapy, I have a passion for treating low back pain. Using a number of techniques I can help restore movement, reduce pain and improve strength – returning you to work, sports and back to your goals. If you have low back pain book an appointment to see me today, I have over 23 years of treating low back pain"

    Roland Jeffery

  • "If you have issues with your footwear, running or walking biomechanics, or any pain in your feet – call me for an appointment today. I am a podiatrist specialising in sports podiatry, I can customise orthotics for you, prescribe exercises and advise you on the best way of managing your pain."

    Dale Gooding

  • "As a fully qualified sonographer I spend all day scanning my client’s injuries. Our appointments take only 20 minutes and I feed back my findings directly to your physiotherapist or doctor. This helps them plan your injury management. Ask you physio today if you need an ultra sound scan to help with your injury."

    Simon Cunliffe