Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can develop with injury or in people over 40, for no apparent reason! This pain is often worse at night and many patients comment they are unable to sleep on their shoulder and toss and turn all night.

We know that the shoulder girdle and Rotator cuff muscle group is a complex group of muscles and bones, that needs to work in the correct pattern and position OR you will impinge or squash the tendon or bursa.

The shoulder and arm needs a stable base to work off, or when you use your arm the “instability” of the shoulder blade and upper arm (humerus) will cause the tendon to be squashed. Pain, swelling and inflammation will develop if this keeps occurring and your shoulder will be sore.

If your shoulder rolls forward, or you stoop over your laptop or phone, the muscles at the front of your shoulder become tight and the ones at the back become weak. This creates an imbalance, reinforcing your poor shoulder blade posture and causing further impingement.

Poor posture or poor shoulder girdle position becomes your habit, and when asked to correct your “bad posture”, it is common to overcorrect, which is not maintainable. If you keep compressing or impinging the soft tissue (tendon, muscle and bursa), your pain will persist and get WORSE.

Treatment directed at your shoulder pain will make you feel better. However if you have the pain treated (massage, physio, cortisone injection), but not correct your posture, core and shoulder blade position, you are only receiving a “band aid” treatment, as you will keep impinging and your pain will reoccur. This is short term relief , NOT a long term solution.

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