Pilates in Full Swing at RJ Physio in 2019.

Mon May 27th 2019

Last year RJ Physio flew in Mark Brakell from Australia to educate and train all our therapists in Pilates. Mark was here for 4 days and put all our therapists through a really tough training course.

From here RJ Physio has set up 20 Clinical Pilates classes throughout each week and on Saturday morning.

The classes are small – groups of 3 or 4 and last one hour. To qualify for the classes you need to complete a Pre-Screen and a couple of individual sessions. This is so you get used to the specialised equipment and obtain a customised programme that suits your needs. Clinical Pilates lasts 6 weeks and can help a number of issues from back pain, shoulder pain, headaches to muscle imbalances and weakness.

Classes are filling up fast; we have an app – Mind Body that lets you choose your classes and your therapist, online – so booking an appointment is nice and easy.

For more information contact reception and one of our qualified Pilates therapists will call you back to discuss your needs. 

I enjoy treating knees, and here at RJ Physio we see many knee injuries and clients suffering from knee pain. Having a great knowledge of how the knee works and wonderful facilities at RJ Physio, including two gyms and a Pilates studio, anyone with a knee problem should see the team. Call me today to see if can help you with your knee pain.
Brendan Wyatt
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