All Whites v The Gambia

Wed Nov. 17th 2021

The All Whites have beaten The Gambia 2-0 in Dubai this morning. Chris Wood scored twice for the All Whites as they finished off a very successful 2021.

Wood’s first goal came in the 37th minute. Joe Bell sent the ball straight back into the box from a corner and found Wood, who backheeled the ball into the goal to give his side a deserved lead. His second goal came in the 64th minute when Sarpreet Singh played a perfect through-ball for Wood, who rounded the keeper to finish and seal the match.

The All Whites are likely to play at the end of January, with Oceania World Cup qualifying to follow in Qatar in March, and the intercontinental playoffs, should they advance, to follow in June. Roland heads home from Dubai looking forward to 2022 and the road to the World Cup in Qatar.

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