Tayla Bazeley BHSc(Physio), MPNZ


Tayla Bazeley graduated from AUT University in 2018 with a BHSc, and is continuing  her studies with a PGD in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. She has a passion for football. She is a previous football player and has experience working with high level women’s and men’s football teams. 

This year she will be working with Takapuna AFC men’s first team. Tayla is compassionate and will strive to give the best treatment to every individual. She will go the extra mile to help her patients return to full function and achieve their goals as quickly as possible.

If you have issues with your footwear, running or walking biomechanics, or any pain in your feet – call me for an appointment today. I am a podiatrist specialising in sports podiatry, I can customise orthotics for you, prescribe exercises and advise you on the best way of managing your pain.
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