Clinic Profile

Accessible, quality treatment

You get affordable, quality care and a team who are leaders in their field. Our hands on manual therapy, and one therapist per client philosophy, means you’ll also recover faster.

Our commitment to providing quality services is reinforced by the continuing education and development of all our therapists. It means you get experts who keep up with the latest treatment techniques.

Football first

Our main focus is in treating and rehabilitating football injuries. A lot of our therapists work with teams at international, professional, representative or club level.

Maintaining these relationships, delivering quality sports medicine and being industry leaders, continues to be our vision and goals.

Qualified experience

Established in 2000 and specialising in sports medicine and manipulative physiotherapy, Roland Jeffery Physiotherapy Clinic achieved accreditation status in 2006.

The clinic soon added its own rehabilitation gym and more treatment rooms to enhance treatment and recovery processes. A Pilates studio has also been built, for individual sessions and small group classes.

For a physio team who are leaders in their field talk to RJ Physio today.