How to keep injuries from slowing you down

Tue June 21st 2016

Most of us know that a good stretch before any kind of sporting activity is a good idea. Keeping ourselves strong and supple is a great way to prevent injury. A great tip, and one which all of our elite athletes follow, is to get yourself a quality foam roller or massage ball. You can use these to loosen up all the muscles around the joints - this keeps them supple and allows you full, unrestricted movement. You don't have to be at the elite level to use these techniques!

We love to show people how to use this sort of equipment to get the most out of it, along with advice about which stretches to do and whether they should be held statically or done dynamically. Different exercises help prevent different types of injuries, and some injuries are more common in one sport than in another. If you're worried about an injury slowing you down - or if you just want to avoid getting one at all - then give us a call, or book an appointment online today.