How to get your 30mins of exercise a day

Mon July 11th 2016

A floor programme of strengthening and stretching exercises is ideal way to get in 30 minutes of exercise every day for anyone busy with work and family life. Requiring no specialized equipment a physiotherapist can design a programme that help keep you fit, lose weight, strengthen muscles and keep your body moving optimally. These exercises can be done at home on the living room floor at any time that suits you.

A physiotherapist can add in some cardiovascular exercises, stretching exercises, foam rolling exercises, or strengthening exercises – all done with no equipment. These programmes can be tailored to individual’s needs and goals - there are literally endless possibilities. This allows the busy individual to get fit and active in the comfort of their own home, without having to travel to a gym or rely on other people to help them exercise, an ideal way to kick start your health. A physiotherapist is the perfect person to help you with this.

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If you have issues with your footwear, running or walking biomechanics, or any pain in your feet – call me for an appointment today. I am a podiatrist specialising in sports podiatry, I can customise orthotics for you, prescribe exercises and advise you on the best way of managing your pain.
Joel Bell
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